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Selected Publications

Founder's Award for "Wool Spindles, Silk and Moire"
Pastel Society of America 2016 Annual exhibition

Gary T. Erbe Award for "Sophie - Bleecker St." Allied Artists
of America 2016 exhibition

Pastel Journal, Oct 2015;
"A Life in Pictures"

North Salem News, Aug 2015

Pulse, Summer 2015

Gallery Henoch Exhibition
Apr 2, 2015

Continuing Education Programs
Spring 2015
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

WAG Magazine, Mar 2015
"Real to Real, Daniel Greene Brings Life to His Canvases"

Drawing Magazine, Summer 2014
Feature "Robert Beverly Hale" & "96th St. - Tunnel" in "Material World" by Sherry Camhy

Jan 2014 Lotos Club Newsletter, Daniel Greene awarded Gold Medal at 100th Allied Artists of America Exhibition for Subway Series painting "Elin - Waiting".

International Artists, Oct / Nov 2013
"Lot 134 - The Water's Fine"

Contemporary Realism Invitational 2013
Daniel Greene's work in Miller Gallery of Cincinnati, Ohio's Group Show featuring 27 leading artists
Sep 26-Oct 19, 2013

Western Art & Architecture Aug / Sep 2013
featured "Auctioneer and Remington's 'Pretty Mother of the Night'" available at SR Brennen Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Wall Street Journal, Apr 22, 2013
"Picture, Picture on the Wall"

Gold Medal - "Elin - Waiting"
Allied Artists of America
100th Annual Exhibition,
National Arts Club
New York, New York
Nov 2013

Fine Art Connoisseur 2013
"Recent Artwork from Daniel Greene"

Honoree & Faculty Member, Faces of Winter 2012
Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists
"A Daniel Greene Festival"

American Artist, Nov 2011
"Daniel E. Greene: Studio Inventions Depicting the Real"

Daniel E. Greene, N.A.
"New York's Hot Mix" Exhibition
Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
New York, New York
Oct 13 - Nov 05, 2011

International Artist
Oct / Nov 2011
"New York's Hot Mix: Daniel E. Greene, N.A."

Fine Art Connoiseur
Sep / Oct 2011
"Daniel Greene Takes Manhattan (Again)"

Journal of the Portrait Society
3rd Quarter, Volume 13, no. 52, 2011
"At the Auction"

Studios 2011, Aug 2011
"Daniel E. Greene & Wende Caporale: A Barn in North Salem"

Herman Marguilies Award for Excellence, "Self Portrait - Grand Central" Pastel Society of America's
39th Annual Pastels Only 2011 Exhibition

ArtNews ad Jan 2011 featured
Daniel Greene's "Spring Street, Looking Uptown"

International Artist Jun / Jul 2010
"A Day in the Life of an Artist"
Interview with Daniel Greene

American Art Collector, May 2010
"A Master at Play"

Artists Magazine
May 2010, "The Design Is In the Details"

An interview with Mr. Greene published in the book "100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand" by Scott McConnell. It describes Mr. Greene's relationship with Ayn Rand while painting portraits of her from 1959 to 1962.

Director George Lucas selected Daniel E. Greene to paint "Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)" and "Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman)" for the new Abrams art book "Star Wars Visions." "Princess Leia" is featured on the back cover of trade book & signed limited edition prints by Daniel Greene & Jamie Wyeth are offered in the deluxe edition.

Director George Lucas selected Daniel E. Greene to paint "Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)" and "Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman)" for the new Abrams art book "Star Wars Visions." "Princess Leia" is featured on the back cover of trade book & signed limited edition prints by Daniel Greene & Jamie Wyeth are offered in the deluxe edition.

"White Orchids - 2010"
by Daniel Greene
Finalist in Blossom II
Susan Black Foundation

International Artist
Apr / May 2009 - Issue 66
"The Making of a Masterpiece"

American Art Collector Mar 2009
"Daniel Greene, N.A. - Creating Masterpieces" by Joshua Rose

International Artist Oct / Nov 2008
Daniel Greene painting series, part 4, Artist's Eye Level, Model Stands and Furniture Selection

American Artist, Fall 2008
"Daniel Greene Teaches Portraiture"

International Artist, Aug / Sep 2008
"The Daniel Greene Palette"

International Artist, Apr / May 2008
"New Daniel Greene Series:
How White Dictates Your Painting Style"

American Artist, Nov 2007

Art Collector, Oct 2007

International Artist cover
Oct / Nov 2007

SecurityTraders Association of NY Cover
2007 71st Annual Dinner Journal

The Artist UK, Nov 2006

"A Celebration of the New York
City Subway Centennial" book 2006

Masterpiece Magazine, Nov 2005
"Painting Secrets of the Masters, Then & Now"

American Artist, Nov 2005
Celebrates 130 years of the
Art Students League of New York

Plein Air Magazine, Aug 2005
"Daniel E.Greene, Journey
to the Pantheon"

The Pastel Journal
Jun 2005 Cover

Interntional Artist Dec / Jan 2005
Featured in two separate sections

Daniel Greene's JFK portrait up for
auction at Guerney's - 2005

ARTnews, Jun 2004
"Subway Art Riding High"

International Artist, Feb / Mar 2004
features Daniel Greene

Cincinnati Magazine, Mar 2004
"Daniel Greene Still Life and Figurative
Paintings in Pastel and Oil"

American Artist, 2004
"Daniel E. Greene Celebrates
Centennial of Subway Line"

Security Traders Associaton of New York
68th Annual Dinner Journal, 2004
Cover painting by Daniel Greene

Pastelagram, Summer 2003
Ask a Master Pastelist: A
Turning Point for Daniel E. Greene

Artist's Magazine, Apr 2003
"Master Artist Daniel E. Green's Palette"

New York Times, Metro Section Apr 1, 2003
"Painting the Subway, but Hardly With a Spray Can"

International Artist, Dec / Jan 2003
"Making it Personal: Daniel Greene Exclusive Interview"

Pastel Journal, Jul / Aug 2001
Daniel Greene's Pursuit of
Perfection in Realism
Brings Rewards

Artist's Magazine, Jul 2001
"Say Something Special"

Portrait Society of America
"The Art of the Portrait
2001 Gold Medal Award"

American Figurative Painters
Group Exhibition, Gallery Henoch
Feb 27 - Mar 10, 2001

American Artist, Jan 2001
"Daniel E. Greene on
Inventing Dramatic Scenes"

International Artist, Feb-Mar 1999
"Daniel Greene: Dedicated to His Craft"

Artist's Magazine, Apr 1998
"Drawing From the Inside Out"

Pastel Highlights, 1997
American Artist Publications

The World and I, Oct 1995
"Daniel Greene: Subway Melody"

ARTnews, Mar 1995
"Daniel Greene: Gallery Henoch"

Manhattan Arts, Nov / Dec 1994
"Daniel Greene Exposes the
Poetry in NYC's Subway"

Antiques and The Arts Weekly, Nov 18, 1994 "Subway Series II: Rapid Transit Riders"

Artistes Magazine, Sep 1994
"Peinture au Pastel, Réalisme du Portrait"

Disegnare and Dipingere, Mar, 1993
Realismo Urbano
Italian Artist's Magazine

Art Times, Jan / Feb 1993
"Daniel Greene at Gallery Henoch"

Artist's Magazine, Oct 1992
"How Daniel Greene
Creates Urban Realism"

American Artist, Oct 1985
"An Emphasis on Values:
The Art & Teaching of Daniel Greene"

Pastel book by
Daniel E. Greene
Published, 1974

Paint with Pastel book
German version
by Daniel E. Greene

McCalls Magazine, Feb 1963
"I Remember Hyde Park"
by Eleanor Roosevelt
Cover portrait by Daniel Greene

The Valiant Exhbition
Eleanor Roosevelt cover
painting by Daniel Greene

Today's Art
Masterly Pastels

Artist Achievement Award, Oils
American Artist Magazine

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